Sun Yis Tae Kwon Do Academy

Our Location

Sun Yis Arcata Front Building

We are located only minutes from downtown Arcata, just off the Hwy 299 exit at Giuntoli Ln, in the Valley West area. We offer plenty of parking and are conveniently located at the Eastern Giuntoli Ln (AMRTS) bus stop, and provide covered bicycle parking for our member’s convenience. We are 3 miles from downtown Arcata and the Humboldt State Campus with convenient bike paths along the entire route. And, we offer a 10% “carbon free” class-commuter discount for members who attend all classes by walking, biking, or taking public transit.

Public Transit Information:

Visit the Humboldt Transit Authority online at for information on bus schedules and fares from Eureka, Arcata, Mckinleyville, Westhaven, Trinidad, Blue Lake, and beyond to Sun Yi’s Academy in Arcata.

Tae Kwon Do Dojang:

Tae Kwon Do and mixed martial arts classes are held upstairs in their own 2000 square foot training room. Complete with training mats, punching bags, and full-length mirrors, Sun Yi’s provides a spacious and high quality training environment. We also provide a viewing area where friends, family and new students can sit comfortably and watch classes while they are in session.

Weight and Cardio Fitness Room:

A variety of free weights and weight-lifting equipment, as well as treadmills and stationary bikes, are provided in our downstairs Fitness Room. Whether you are interested in simply warming up before class, or are a serious athlete focused on improving your strength and conditioning, our Fitness Room has the equipment you need.

Locker Rooms:

Separate Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms are provided with full bathrooms, showers, and lockers for your comfort and convenience.

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